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You survived week 2 lockdown!

So week 2 is done already.... I am really surprised with how quickly the days are passing now. I really thought each day would start to feel long, with having to keep the kids entertained in a confined space but it really hasn't been like that. If I'm honest the days are starting about 9am (2 hours after we would normally have left the house!) which is just so nice. I tend to get up early (I've always been an early bird) grab a cuppa and start working (still in my PJs) whilst the kids are stirring to wake. It means I get some work done nice and early, in peace and I find its a great time for me. We have then been doing PE with Joe at 9am. This has been great to ensure everyone is dressed and then woken up for they day.

I've have spent a lot of time reflecting this week on just how fortunate we are...… this may seem weird as the world is in a crisis situation. I get that and my heart just breaks every time I see the death toll rising, but having gratitude for what I do have helps me get through this really good time. I'm finding I am grateful for things now I took for granted before and I feel I am learning lessons about life I really should have known before. I read on social media this week and it really stuck with me so I am going to pass it on..... but it really feels like mother nature has "sent us to our rooms to think about what we have done". We forced to stay in, slow down, stop many things we would have done daily. Do you feel like you are learning some lessons of life?

In my Snapshots Episode 10 video on my working mums Facebook page (@thrivingworkingmums) it talk about my appreciation for the outdoors and each others, how I can see my and others shopping habits changing, how we work and use technology is transforming and families are coming together, more united and enjoying spending time with each other. Take a look and I'd love to know your thoughts.

I have also spoken tonight about how there are mums out there struggling with the lack of adult conversation. Please take a look at this short video is it is you..... but if its not it would be great to maybe go through your friends and family list, is there someone that may be struggling? Have you reached out to them? In these times what may seem like a small gesture to you may be a really big deal to someone else.

Keep Safe Working Mummies,

Rach xx

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