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Working Mums in last!

Happy New Year from the Working Mums team!

I hope you all managed a well-earned break, a little rest and some precious time with your family. It may have been a Christmas a little unlike what you would usually have but it will certainly be one to remember!

Like many of us I am very glad to say goodbye to 2020. As we bravely and carefully step into 2021 with hopes and wishes of the vaccine making the difference we have all been promised I thought I would reflect on 2020. Writing and journaling is something I advise for many different reasons to support growth or and letting go of limiting beliefs, so writing to 2020 was something I have done and of which I thought I would share with you.

Dear 2020,

We started off so well. I was starting a new career, in a totally new industry of which I was so excited to be part of. This career has turned out to be everything I was hoping for, from flexibility around my children to a job I feel is helping me to fulfill my purpose in life. I left a job I was comfortable in, earned a good wage and was well respected in... to take a leap of faith to something totally new. 2020 has taught me this was one of the best career decisions I have ever made. Thank you for everything this has given me and how it helped me deal with what life was to throw at us a few months down the line!

March then hit, with the kids at home 24/7, people scared to leave their homes and emotions running high. A time I know I will remember for the rest of my life. 2020 came with many low points, from my Dad being diagnosed with cancer and us never being able to visit whilst he dealt with it virtually single-handedly, my kids ditching any sort of learning after about 1 week as I just didn't have the energy or will to fight with them and wanted to try and keep our home and our sanctuary (that at times became our prison), a place of calm and kindness. To then the pandemic leading to my husband losing his 26 year career of which he loved. It's easy to focus on these major life events (and sometimes I do!) and think... OMG what a s*** year!!

Once I pull myself out of any doom and gloom, I have so much to thank 2020 for: the extra time it has given me and so many other Mums with their kids, for the flexibility it has forced upon so many employers (who at last have realised we can work responsibly from home!), for the friends and family that I have that have become closer and have been with me through my ups and downs, for all the "tech" we have so we have been able to sing Happy Birthday via Zoom, for Amazon for being able to deliver literally anything (LOL) and for all the people that have carried on working through this tough time so we have food on the shelves, our bins emptied regularly and our NHS workers continuing to do a fantastic job.

I can't say I want to repeat the year, but I will certainly take so many learnings from it. I used to always admire those fininacially able to home school their children. I have said for many years now, I would love to be able to do this with my own. Well... how WRONG was I! Ha Ha! I now have ZERO desire to do this and I recognise (and respect) much more now what the teachers do for us above and beyond educational learning.

Hope to not see you again.

Love Rach xx

What would you like to say to 2020? Share your thoughts on @ThrivingWorkingMums facebook page :-)


I will soon be able to tell you all about my new programme designed for Mum's who are planning to return to work. Keep a watch out on my FB page for all the info (and offers!) regarding this. I am so excited to be able to launch this... albeit it a little behind schedule!

One of the things I teach as a Working Mum is to be as organised and well planned as possible BUT we have to be flexible with our plans. As I'm sure you will know, I'm a working Mum too and in December one of my son's had to self isolate for 14 days. At the tender age of 4, this meant all my plans had to change rapidly! Home schooling came out again, a serious amount of educational TV (thank you alphablocks!) and some serious juggling between me and my husband. This led to some of my filming having to be rescheduled. Can I do much about it.. not really, apart from keeping doing what I can, keep putting one foot in front of the other and move some of my target dates. Does it matter? Not really... it is what it is and it's these real-life events plus being a qualified master practitioner in coaching that excites me about being able to invite more working mums to come and join me in my new programme The Working Mums Survival Guide to Success. There's a little more information below, but ensure you are on my mailing list to hear about these updates first! Click Here if you'd like to be added.

Returning to Work can be an emotional process so many Mum's have to go through. Do you recognise any of these worries?

How am I going to cope with everything at home and at work?

Worrying about being separated from your baby?

Missing out on important milestones like their first steps, their first words?

Riddled with guilt for leaving your baby, for wanting some adult conversation, for wanting to earn some money, for not being there for your child's every need?

Paying the extortionate childcare costs, choosing a nursery Vs Childminder?

Worried how your employer will respond when needing time off for a poorly baby? Will they let you work more flexibly?

Are people going to judge me for wanting to return to work? Worried people think I "should" be at home.

Come and have a look closer with me and I can help you with my mindset mastery course The Working Mums Survival Guide to Success and I will help you to not only survive but THRIVE when you go to work.

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