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The Queens message...… my working mums view

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I wouldn't describe myself overly as a royalist, but I did feel so much pride and admiration for this amazing lady and head of our country when listening to her speech. At 93 years of age her message was on point and lets be honest she looks amazing for her age!

I wanted to focus in on some of the points the Queen made, as being a coach and supporting others through tough times is what I do! Let's be honest....90% of the time people come to a coach because they need a helping hand to achieve something they currently can't achieve on their own.

Nothing goes away from the fact that we are in a crisis, people are dying and families are struggling. The situation will go down in history and we will be remembered for the consequences of our actions.

I love how forward looking and encouraging her speech was, which she delivered in the calm, unemotional way she has always done so well. Many have very quickly spotted the comparison to the war which she has made. I get it..... but whilst I'm working from home, playing in the garden with my kids and generally having a nice time.... I can't help but feel guilty for this comparison. As a country many people seem to be finding the "staying at home" part of the governments instruction difficult. In the war potentially our children were taken away and the men were sent to fight. Whilst some of us are binge watching Netflix and spending more family time together.

This crisis has give us the opportunity to " slow down, pause and reflect in prayer on meditation". This has so far been the overwhelming main point I have spoken to other mums about. We have been forced to take our foot off the accelerator. I know I often race through each day at 100 mph and the point is I'm missing things. I'm missing the precious time just sat cuddling my kids on the sofa, I'm missing conversations with friends and family I love, but I also feel my work has benefited. This new found amount of time I now have at home means research I am doing is going more in depth, phone calls are not rushed. I think my work is a higher quality and I am learning so much.

"Remain united and resolute" the Queen has said. If you are in a fortunate situation please reach out to someone who may be struggling, may it be shopping for a neighbour or calling people who are feeling lonely. The statistics are being released about the increase in people calling for help due to domestic abuse is shocking, as families are forced to isolate with their abusers. Our country has already shown how amazing we can be with supporting one another, I look forward to entering this new found way of living once this Coronavirus is a distant memory.

"We will succeed"

Stay Safe

Love Rach xx

If you are finding that with this new found time you are questioning what you want your life to be like in the future, the changes you want to embrace or remove. My course 7 Days to Success can help you structure this thinking. Please sign up and give yourself that time to reflect and plan. You are the author of your life...… lets start planning out the next chapter .

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