• Rachel Smith

The 1st June is fast approaching...

How are you all feeling about the fast approaching 1st June and some of our kids returning to school?

This message we were given a few weeks ago now had me in a really torn situation as to what to do for the best. The best for my kids and the best for us as a family. The advice on the news is so conflicting that at the end of the day you just have to do what's right for you.

I have 2 kids and at the moment I have 1 that can go back and the other cannot, this already causes another decision to be made. When the lockdown started I mentally got through week after week of staying in with the thought in my head that they will be returning before the Summer holidays starts, this helps me remain positive. I'm hardly home schooling mine at all..... I'm a working mum and my work must come first (that's what keeps a roof over our heads!). I know if I had been told in March the kids were not going back until September I would have found that really difficult.

So here we are with the decision now whether to send the kids back or not. I have toiled with this idea since Boris' announcement. At the moment only my youngest has the opportunity to go back to pre school. I've told myself that mentally it will be good for him, he has always had a problem with the drop off's and I feel worried that starting in reception in September after such a long gap is going to be a nightmare. I know he has a good time when he's there and his carers are great. He misses his friends and he could do with some structure back in his life beyond the 4 walls of our house. Anyone relate?

On the flip side, I feel wrong sending one child back and not the other. I know I would feel guilty sending him to school whilst working from home. I also worry that the first introduction of children is going to be tough for the teachers, getting used to a new way of being. What ever Boris says, I know its going to be impossible to keep the kids 2metres apart.

I also have friends who are key workers and their kids have continued going to school, I have friends who are self employed and they NEED to go back to work so their kids will be going back on 1st June.

At the moment I have decided to not send my youngest back to pre school, but here's the ultimate reasons why: As a type 1 diabetic, I am able to continue working from home, I don't want to keep myself and one son safe whilst I send the other to school. Also other mums children really need to go to school more than mine, if we continue as we are we can help the kids going to school the teachers, to have less children to deal with whilst they get used to their new ways.

We have to do what's right for our own families and this is my choice. If your choice is to send them to school that is your choice too and I 100% respect that. Follow your gut feeling, so often it is right. I've learnt so many times in the past to follow my gut and often when I've chosen to ignore it I've regretted it.

So to the mums with kids still at home and mums with kids going back on 1st June, I salute you...… keep smiling, keep looking after yourself and keep doing what you do..... You're amazing xx

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