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Love letter to the NHS

Have you seen the compilation of stories from 100 celebrities that Adam Kay has put together, raising money for the NHS? This got me thinking of my own story and relationship with the NHS.

So many creative things are coming from this lockdown and many for the greater good. The unifying of communities is fantastic to see and experience but the respect and admiration for the NHS is amazing, but its a shame it has taken something so serious for this to happen.

My own respect and thanks for the NHS has not changed throughout this pandemic.... this amazing service has saved my life more than once and I have felt extremely thankful for that all my life. What has shocked me throughout this pandemic is the selflessness of the staff, how many of them are putting patients care before their own safety and how so many mums (as well as men too!) are walking away from their children, serving their community and living in hospital accommodation, to ensure they are keeping their family as safe as possible. To me this is heroic and I think how our country view these roles in the future will never go back to how they were before. These people are currently our real life super hero's.

These NHS hero's are the reason I am still here and why my kids even exist and why they still have a mum!

I sometimes post on my personal page about the life of a Type 1 diabetic, something I have had to live with since the age of 16. The NHS very quickly diagnosed my condition and got me onto a healthier and happier path extremely quickly. Their support with this condition is also fantastic and continuous. At the age of 27 I was admitted into A&E with ketoacidosis... a horrendous condition that meant my body was basically shutting down and which led to 7 days in hospital. At 28 I had my first son and my pregnancy was anything but smooth. After being diagnosed with pre eclampsia, an emergency caesarean, my son born 5 weeks early who was in special care for 8 days and a hospital stay for my for 10 days, my care for me and my new born son was top notch. When I was 31 my 2 year old had a burst appendix where he was blue lighted to a specialist children's hospital to have emergency surgery to have his appendix removed (another 7 day stay) and at 32 I had a second caesarean with a 3 day stay in hospital which led a few days later me and my son being admitted again, as my new born son at 13 days old caught chicken pox from his older brother.

I am sharing this because, of course this pandemic is the extreme and not your normal daily challenge, but I am sharing it as I'm sure lots of you have similar examples where the life of you or your loved ones is happy and healthy due to the heroic and amazing acts of the NHS and the personnel who work within this beast of a business.

My love for this amazing service is eternal and I hope some of the good that comes from this crisis is that the NHS is funded and supported sufficiently for our future generations to come.

We love you NHS...…. keep being amazing and we will forever support you.

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