• Rachel Smith

January feels like a whirlwind

What a whirlwind of a month so far, with Christmas feeling like a distant memory and the hope of Spring being round the corner being one of the few things we can guarantee of our near future!

As a Working Mum, you will know by now I document life as it is. I try to share anything I think other Mums can benefit from and I share my tough times because this is real life!

We are getting into the swing of homeschooling, but this is anything but a smooth ride. Emotions often end up running high and then I question whether I'm doing the right thing. Am I being too strict? Am I letting him get away with too much? Are they watching too much TV? Are they entertained enough? Etc etc... What I can say is we are doing our best with the resources we have but more importantly the energy we all have!

As I write this I have just come off a conference call, whilst eating my breakfast (I could at least turn my camera off!) and my 8 year old sat on the bean bag beside me trying to have a call with his teacher that had technical difficulties and then aiming to complete the daily work set. Thank goodness women can multi task!

This week I feel we're more organised as I have a few fun things planned for them like an online guitar lesson and a session with Write After School which he has found so much fun! With the weather being a bit wet in the UK, our wellies have been caked in mud but my enthusiasm to entertain is slowly dwindling, I have turned to some different online offerings to give us all a "break away" from each other, and inject more fun and laughter.

Lots of Working Mummies have messaged me this week and I give you one message, all you can do is your best, if all you do is keep your children safe, warm and fed.... you are doing well.

Keeping Smiling

Rachel x

Returning to Work can be an emotional process so many Mum's have to go through. Do you recognise any of these worries?

How am I going to cope with everything at home and at work?

Worrying about being separated from your baby?

Missing out on important milestones like their first steps, their first words?

Riddled with guilt for leaving your baby, for wanting some adult conversation, for wanting to earn some money, for not being there for your child's every need?

Paying the extortionate childcare costs, choosing a nursery Vs Childminder?

Worried how your employer will respond when needing time off for a poorly baby? Will they let you work more flexibly?

Are people going to judge me for wanting to return to work? Worried people think I "should" be at home.

Come and have a look closer with me and I can help you with my mindset mastery course The Working Mums Survival Guide to Success and I will help you to not only survive but THRIVE when you go to work.

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