• Rachel Smith

It can show in Mysterious ways.....

I'm talking about anxiety...….. and I'll be focusing my efforts on this as anxiety around the world has understandably taken a turn for the worst. I know I have felt levels of anxiety I have never experienced before, both for my own health but also for my children, my family and friends. Lots of us then have that extra layer of anxiety due to financial pressures which are coming from all sorts of angles.

But anxiety isn't a thing, it's not a virus you can catch, its not some evil thing that enters your body and takes over your mind. You "scientifically" can't pass it on (although I am going to talk about how I think its contagious at a later date). Anxiety is a process... a process of thoughts that go through your mind. You have full control of your thoughts..... but during anxiety it doesn't feel like that doesn't it? You can often feel that your thoughts are running away with you, like they're out of control and how ever much you consciously tell yourself to "get a grip" or "put it into perspective", the same worrying thought's go through your mind.

So some positive news..... I have spent 100's of hours studying anxiety, developing my coaching skills to not only help myself but to help others. There are things you can learn to help manage your anxiety and I will teach them to you. If I'm honest that's the easy bit! But before that it's really important to talk. Talking in itself is a healer but you need to have someone to talk to that truly listens. Do you ever feel like you are surrounded with people but have no one to talk to? Investing in someone to talk to for me is a no brainer. I'm someone who loves to talk but having someone who you can trust and be open with can be hard to find. I also often find someone who is not direct family can also help because then there are not any prejudged thoughts attached to the conversation, you can just say whatever you need to and be listened to and supported. Do you have this support? If not, I honestly would highly recommend seeking it and obviously I can help with this if you would like, but there are also other people who can too. I am super passionate about supporting mums to live their best life and that includes being happy, healthy and following the career they love.

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