• Rachel Smith

Healthy Aero bars? Surely not?

As a busy working Mum I am always searching for tips to get healthy foods into my kids either by hiding it or by making them taste super yummy!

When I saw Pauline Cox do a cooking demonstration with a mint chocolate aero inspired Keto treat I knew I had to try it !!

I had most of the ingredients but typical I was short of coconut, which took me 3 shops to finally buy some!

This took me about 20mins in total and was super easy to do! Now I’ve done it once I would be happy to throw these together in an evening as I reckon I could do it quicker than 20mins next time ha ha!!

The kid’s absolutely love the minty, chocolatey, sweet flavours and I’m happy they are getting a sweet treat without all the refined sugars.

To get the full details of this go to the Fb page Sow & Arrow and follow her blog for lots more super yummy and healthy recipe.

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