• Rachel Smith

For the love of lockdown?

So I think we’re in week 6 of lockdown, but who knows it’s all merging into one.

We have definitely had some down days amongst all the fun we’ve been having. I saw this picture and I think it summed things up perfectly. Our tough days are probably being triggered by the smallest of things sometimes that wind one of us up or frustrate one of us and then it turns into something massive. It’s so interesting watching posts on social media that are showing most people are having an emotional rollercoaster of a ride right now!

The point I thought would be good to write about today is the pressure we unnecessarily put upon ourselves as working mums, this subject (understandably!) comes up over and over and will continue to do so I’m sure as mums try to be everything to everyone - the best mum, the best employee, the best boss, the best partner - the best role model - the best cook, cleaner, general dogs body!! You get my point 😂

Anyway, during this time it has opened so many opportunities because the gift of time has been given to us, but this also comes with such mixed emotions. Lots of families are sharing that their exercise time has increased - The Smith household is definitely one of those! Week 1 to 4 we were doing Joe Wicks every day at 9am super motivated to use this time wisely. Week 5 was hit or miss and now week 6 we pretty much have watched Joe Wicks whilst having a cuppa tea and a biscuit 🍪🤣

Week 1- 4 was spent trying to re ignite my passion for cooking, the kids were loving to bake and I was enjoying the new found time to actually cook. By week 6 the kids when asked if they wanna cook/ bake look at me and say “do we have to?” 🤪 Sometimes I say “YES you do!” other times I can’t be bothered with the fight and just let them carry on whatever they are doing... as long as they’re happy who cares right?? 🤪

Anyway as a coach something I do is review and evaluate things all the time (it can be exhausting!) As a working mum you will always find something to criticise yourself for if you want to. You can look for these flaws or you can chose not to! I’ve seen so many posts about comfort eating and eating more. So many mums, including me are using this time to bake with our kids so naturally we end up eating our concoctions (please tell me it’s not just me!). I’ve spent my whole life criticising myself or being criticised for how I look, I now look back on photos as me as a child, a teenager or young adult and I think FGS why was I so hard on myself, I looked fine! Outside criticism is hard to ignore but if you are happy with yourself it would just be water off a ducks back! Try not to be too hard on yourself through these times... loosen the reins if you need to as what’s important right now is you stay safe and you keep your family safe and sane!

Decide what you want your priorities to be and be realistic... you don’t need to do it all, you just need to do a few things well. Where focus goes energy flows.

Now where‘s my secret stash of chocolate 🍫🤣

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