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Fear is a real F*&%er!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

My recent posts have been focused on this feeling of fear that is taking over many of us right now. As we are now in week 4 of lockdown I have had many messages about feelings of anxiety and fear. Some of us may have never felt anxious before and we are experiencing this feeling for the first time, some of us who normally keep our anxiety in check are finding it harder to control and some who suffer with anxiety are finding this time really tough. I had one Mummy explain to me they felt physically frozen to their house and will not leave their front door.

Firstly I'd say... its ok not to be ok! Don't feel ashamed to talk about how this crisis is affecting you. I thought I would share with you how I am dealing with emotions being heightened through these times. Firstly I am talking more, talking about how I feel and how this is impacting me. This allows my feelings to be discussed and often put into perspective. I find great relief by doing this and maybe you could too? I am also embracing deep breathing exercises. I've downloaded some breathing exercises onto my phone (have you seen Fitbit are giving their Premium service for FREE for 90 days!) but I'm also trying to regularly just take time out (just 3-4mins) a couple of times a day and breathing really deeply. I find this has a great calming affect.

What I can say (from my own experience!) is if you are feeling like these times are making you anxious do something about it now, don't leave it and don't wait as the stress impact on the body always shows itself in some way.

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