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Do you always want more?

I know I’m not the only one during this lockdown that has been thinking more. Most of us have been given time, time we had before but we were so busy rushing around that we ‘missed it’. I was definitely one of those busy people.... if I wasn't rushing around I felt I wasn’t achieving and I wasn’t making the most of my time or I was simply being inefficient.

But lockdown has forced us to stop, stay indoors and this extra time often has led to thinking time!

I am going to be talking this week about SCRIPTING, a simple tool that made a massive difference to my mindset, as a mum, a business owner and an employee. Come join me on my Facebook page @thrivingworkingmums for that but for now I wanted to focus on a discussion I’ve had recently about wanting more.

Are you someone who always wants more or do you find you are happy with your lot?

Wanting more I think is a double edged sword. I have always been career focused and highly driven. Driven for money, driven for status and driven for the life I want. This I still do think is a good thing, having goals and aiming to achieve more is important as if we tread water we get left behind.


I really am starting to recognise that I am always chasing the next thing and sometimes it can be exhausting. I’m super grateful for what I have, but a part of me still thinks..... it’s not enough. I want more.

I’ll give you some examples, As you may have your own examples that relate. For years I had to work weekends, I hated going into work on the weekends as I hated leaving my family and my friends often did things on weekends that I often had to miss out on. One of those things was a morning Zumba class my friends did and I wished I could join them. Fast forward I now do not work weekends and at first I joined my friends on a Saturday morning. But what happened was I didn’t overly enjoy it, this thing I so wanted ended up not being what I had imagined. I spent 2 years wishing and hoping for my Saturday mornings, to after 4 weeks of getting involved I quit.

I feel the same with our house.... we spent years saving and aiming to move into a bigger family home. 2 years ago we did that and moving was amazing and the house was everything we wanted... it has space and room for improvements, a bit of a mini project. Now 2 years in I find myself looking at bigger and better houses and contemplating to move again.

Im sharing this with you because always wanting more can lead to the feeling of disappointment, want and longing.

Scripting which I have done for a while now has really helped me lately as I read what I wrote a few years ago and I was able to see how much I have achieved and how much I am living the life I was so wanting! This so quickly changed me to feeling so content, accomplished and successful. In a nutshell- HAPPY

I will always say having plans and goals are important, but take time to look at what you have around you, be proud and be grateful for so much that we have already.

Be a proud Mama,

Love Rach x

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