The Working Mum's Survival Guide to Success



You've become a mum...….. It's your best achievement yet...….but there's something you're not 100% happy with!

Most of us don't realise the massive impact becoming a mum is going to have on us. I remember being on maternity leave having planned to return full time back to work. Twelve months later my feelings on returning to this role radically changed and I was so emotional! Do you relate to any of these thoughts:

How am I going to cope with everything at home and at work?

Worried about being separated from your baby?

Am I going to miss out on important milestones like their first steps, their first words?

Are you riddled with guilt for leaving your baby, for wanting some adult conversation, for wanting to earn some money, for not being there for your child's every need?

Worried about paying the extortionate childcare costs, choosing a nursery Vs Childminder?

Worried how your employer will respond when needing time off for a poorly baby? Will they let you work more flexibly?

Are people going to judge me for wanting to return to work? Worried people think I "should" be at home.

I remember feeling all the above and in a nutshell I felt overwhelmed...

What do you do now?

This is the point where it's so easy to get stuck.

  • Stuck because it's "convenient"

  • Stuck because you're comfortable there

  • Stuck because you don't know what else to do?

  • Stuck because your salary is good and you don't want to "start again"

  • Stuck because you're worried you won't get the flexibility you need somewhere else.


Problem is...…. ultimately you're not happy.

I can support you, with my Working Mums Survival Guide to Success.

You can work through where you are now, what you want from your life and career and start taking action to get you there.

Don't hesitate to enrol in this course, it really can mean the difference of sink or swim. I will share with you tools to help you work on yourself, give you topics to get you thinking and ultimately get you into a great place to start making changes to improve your Working Mummy prospects.

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