Rachel offers lots of support for Mums, helping them to get back into work after having time out. Rachel also supports Mums to not only survive, but thrive in a career, whilst being the mum they want to be. 


Her mindset mastery course, popular with 100's of Mums is:

 The Working Mums Survival Guide to Success

Do you worry about juggling family life and work commitments?

Are you worried about being separated from your baby?

Do you feel riddled with Mummy guilt or worried you are going to miss out on important milestones because you're at work?

Do you want to improve your work life balance?

Do you want to feel calmer and more organised?

Do you want to learn techniques to teach you how to cope when life just gets crazy?



My Story

Before I had my kids, I had a job that I loved, it paid well and it allowed me to move home around the country with ease. I had such a shock when I was thinking about going back after my maternity leave. I'd worked hard for my status and my salary, but now I had a little bundle that fully relied on me day and night! What do I do? Quit and be a stay at home mum? Well we knew we couldn't afford for me to do that. Take a less qualified job that was less hours, less stress, less pay?

I also knew the company I work for (and still do!) could be quite inflexible when it came to working long days, requiring travel, regular weekend working and late night working.

Balancing work and kids just gave me brain ache! I felt like I was failing at both as I felt guilty all the time. Many times I looked for other jobs I could do around the kids, but they weren't jobs I would have enjoyed and when it came down to it I did actually enjoy my job.

I now balance two small children with a senior role and a husband who works in London Monday to Friday.

A certain amount of flexibility for pick ups, school plays, parents evenings and whatever extra curricular activity schools throw my way, is a must. But it didn't come and find me. I decided to develop my skill set, get trained in what I love, master my techniques and then start sharing my achievements with other working mums. Trust me I made a few mistakes too so I will share everything I can with you so you too can be a successful working mum.

I want to share with as many other working mums as possible how you can cope when life gets crazy, feel calm and organised both at home and at work. I can help you master being in a work mindset or a mummy mindset, this was a real game changer for me. I want to help you feel like you can have it all. Its OK to love working..... as all us mums know you love your kids a million times more x



Download my FREE Ebook with my best life hacks to make the life of a working mum just a little bit easier.

Copy of Working Mums; 7 Days to Success!

The Working Mums Survival Guide To Success

Don't hesitate and enrol in this course to receive intense online coaching from one mum to another. This course is about giving you tools to help you get back into the world of work after being out on maternity leave or longer. It helps you to work on your mindset, gives you topics to get you thinking and ultimately supports you to be in a great place, to start making changes with your career prospects. 

With unlimited access, this course will always be available when you need it.

Investment £99



You're a Mum and you're busy...… I get it!

You don't have loads of spare time and you don't want to spend endless hours on self development...……. but you know you need some support to shift your thinking and help you get on a better path. Well... HIIT session are for you!

I have designed these 30 minute sessions so they are fast and to the point, giving you the best support possible in the smallest amount of time.

1 session £40

3 sessions £99

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Do you want to Climb the Corporate Career Ladder?

If you are a Mum who:

  • Wants to grow in a corporate career

  • Wants to increase your salary

  • Wants more from your career without compromising your family time

  • Thinks you may need to give up on your career

This Ebook is FOR YOU!


Click below to download your free Ebook:


Career Planning Call

This call is great for any Mum who:

  • Wants to accelerate where your are , to where you want to be

  • Wants to plan a new career path

  • Wants to explore new career options

  • Knows your career needs to change but doesn't know what to do next.

  • Want to boost your success with career coaching

If you want to be a Mummy on a mission, this call is for you.

60min Call £99 (this also incudes lifetime access to online training/ support materials)

Check out this short video to learn how I can help you

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